Reference Laboratory: MIC Testing of New Antimicrobial Agents

Program Summary

Laboratory Specialists, Inc. (LSI) provides susceptibility testing of new antimicrobial agents for clinical microbiology laboratories (list of agents is shown below).  If there are other agents not included on our current list, please contact us to inquire about the possibility of testing in the future.  This AST service is either funded by pharmaceutical companies in support of their specific antimicrobial agents or available as a fee-based test.  All testing is performed with MIC frozen panels according to CLSI reference broth microdilution testing (1, 2), unless otherwise stated.  A set of quality assurance isolates with known MICs are used to validate each lot of MIC panels.  Quality control testing, with at least one CLSI recommended QC strain, is included on each day of testing.  In addition, proficiency strains are tested twice a year utilizing the PASS proficiency program that is designed to test new agents not yet available with other proficiency programs.

The LSI reference laboratory is COLA accredited (ID# 16803) and CLIA certified (ID# 36D1037815).  

To submit an isolate for MIC testing download the submission form,

complete the form and include it with your isolate shipment.

For any questions or concerns contact us by Phone 440-835-4458,

email or Fax 440-835-5786

Isolate Transport

Only isolated bacterial cultures (not including atypical or anaerobic bacteria) will be accepted.  No direct patient specimens will be accepted.

An optional isolate transport kit can be sent via overnight delivery to the requesting laboratory, which includes a UN3373 transport box, bacterial transport swab, isolate submission form and a return air bill for shipment back to LSI ($100 total).


For laboratories that choose to use their own shipment materials, the shipment MUST conform to current IATA regulations*, include an LSI submission form and be sent to:

(*isolates that are not shipped according to current IATA regulations will not be processed and will be destroyed)

Laboratory Specialists, Inc.

ATTN: Jeanna Fisher, Microbiology Lab

26214 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, OH  44145

Ph: 440-835-4458    Fax: 440-835-5786    Email:


Typical processing times**

Isolates received Monday-Thursday: results available in 2 days

Isolates received on Friday: results available in 4 days (Tuesday)

**If there are exceptions to this time-frame, the requesting laboratory will be notified.



  1. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. Performance standards for antimicrobial susceptibility testing; Approved Standard – 34th Edition.  CLSI document M100-S34.  Wayne, PA: CLSI; 2024
  2. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, Methods for Dilution Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests for Bacteria that Grow Aerobically; Approved Standard- 12th Edition. CLSI document M07-A12.  Wayne, PA: CLSI; 2024